There are different rules for reading, for thinking, and for talking.
Writing blends all three of them.
~ Mason Cooley ~

Red Feather Scribe

Team Red Feather has considerable personal experience in business, hospitality and cooking, education, entertainment, fund-raising, non-profits, leadership and management, social networking, spirituality, and various web services.

We also have extended topic experience in writing about  fitness and health, gardening, investing, fashion, recycling and upcycling, water, metaphysics,  sustainable and green living, technology, and travel,  to name just a few.

We are continuously expanding our services and our arenas of knowledge, and look forward to writing on any topic that you may require.

Nothing is written until we have conducted intensive research on the particular subject. We will never engage in any dishonest writing practices, including spinning previous articles or plagiarism.

Writing Services

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Academic or Personal Essays
  • Blog Entries
  • Brochures and Pamphlets
  • Business Letters and Emails
  • Business Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Cover Letters
  • Educational Materials
  • English Second Language(ESL) Development & Education Materials
  • Ghost-writing (for any service)
  • Grant Writing
  • Journal Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Resumes
  • SEO Content
  • Speeches
  • Translation Services (English to Afrikaans/Afrikaans to English)
  • Web Content (Copy)

– And Much More…

Copy Writing and Proofreading Services

Red Feather Scribe offers various copy-editing and proofreading services:

• If you only need someone to do a thorough check of the grammar, spelling and form of your letter or article, we can provide just this service. We will ensure that your work is error-free, organised and has consistent form.

• If your needs are for full copy-editing services, we will meticulously edit, fix, rearrange content, and rewrite where necessary; we will organise your work so that it is well-written and effectively presented without losing the gist of what you wanted to say.

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs

Other Services

Red Feather Scribe can assist you to grow your online presence via some of our additional services, which include:

  1. News/Information Blog Setup & Management
  2. Social Network Marketing
  3. Web Development & Management
  4. Logo Design

We can assist you to increase traffic to your website by creating and managing a blog and writing weekly articles for it that will direct traffic to your website. Articles on the blog can consist of industry news, local information, or even `DIY’ or `How To’ articles, depending on your requirements.

We can also create, set up, and manage a page on your social networking sites and link the blog to them so that your business gets exposure on more than one platform.

We will ensure that all articles are SEO optimised in order to maximise exposure.

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your needs

Service Agreements

Red Feather Scribe works with our clients in the following ways:

Full Writing Service Agreement – A comprehensive solution for organisations that require our writing services on an ongoing basis. This includes copy-editing and proofreading, blogging, press releases, SEO content and any other ongoing writing services as per the needs of the client.

Tailored Writing Service Agreement – For organisations that require our writing services on a one-off basis. This includes copy-editing and proofreading, resumes, ghost-writing and any other one-off writing services as per the needs of the client.

Full Website Service Agreement – A comprehensive solution for organisations that require a website to be designed, developed and maintained on an ongoing basis, including the generating and posting of all copy, either including or excluding ongoing blogposts.

Tailored Website Service Agreement – For organisations that require specific services related to Website Development, SEO, Maintenance, etc. Services will vary and consist of specific services based on the client’s specific needs.

Full Digital Marketing Service Agreement – A comprehensive solution for organisations that require a comprehensive digital marketing solution across various social media sites on an ongoing basis.

Tailored Digital Marketing Service Agreement – For organisations that require digital marketing on only certain social media sites, either for a short period such as for a specific event, or on an ongoing basis.

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs

Trusted Partners

Apart from the work that we do ourselves, we also collaborate with trusted, experienced and professional consultants – with whom we have worked for many years – and they bring decades of experience in:

Tailor-made, strategically aligned and sustainable Organisational Development (OD) and Human Capital Development (HCD) solutions.

Organisational Development includes strategies and initiatives that align, promote and encourage the growth and sustainability of an organisation. OD processes are aimed at ensuring that an organisation is capacitated to meet its mission, fully realize its potential and maximize its ability to make positive and lasting contributions to the industry/market place.

Organisational Development (OD) services include:

  • Strategy development/ visioning and strategic alignment
  • Quality Management System (QMS) design, development and review
  • Project Management consulting, design, development and facilitation
  • Organisational Development consulting, design, development and facilitation
  • Resource mobilisation planning consulting, facilitation and support
  • Change management consulting, design, implementation and evaluation (Theory of Change)
  • Monitoring and evaluation systems planning, design, implementation and review

Successfully developing human capital requires creating and cultivating environments in which employees can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, competencies, skills, behaviours and attitudes. Holistix Consulting’s HCD services focus on processes that relate to training, education and other professional initiatives in order to increase the levels of knowledge, skills, abilities, values, and social assets of employees, which will lead to improved satisfaction and performance, and ultimately contribute to the organisation’s long-term success.

Human Capital Development (HCD) services include:

  • Performance planning and management
  • Leadership and management training and development
  • Team building and organisational and employee coaching
  • Workplace skills planning (including WSP/ ART submissions to various SETA’s)(SDF Consulting)
  • Learning/Training programme design, development, facilitation, assessment and moderation
  • Training accreditation consulting, design, development and facilitation
  • Process training and facilitation

Where Red Feather Scribe cannot provide a particular service for any reason, we will put you in touch with one of our trusted associates who is a professional in that particular field (at no additional cost to either party).

If you have an idea for a specific project, please Contact Us and let us discuss your requirements and the best way to move forward.

See our Portfolio section for some examples of our work. We can provide more samples personally should you so require.